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The new Adipower line from Adidas in 2023 is the line for real winners. By using the new 15K carbon in the racket you can get even more power from your shots than the previous Adipower rackets. The Adipower line is specially made for advanced players who are looking for that extra bit of power in their strokes and only think about winning!

The Adipower 3.2 has a diamond shape so that the balance and the sweet spot are higher in the racket. This automatically provides more power. The racket will therefore feel a bit heavier.

In addition to the diamond shape, the racket is also equipped with the new Spin Blade technology. This gives the racket a rougher surface so that you can give more spin to the ball. The 2023 Structural Reinforcement technology also makes the racket more durable than the previous Adipower rackets.

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