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Made for: Experienced / advanced padel players;
Leaf shape: Hybrid;
Balance: High;
Weight: 365 - 380 grams;
Power 90 / Control 90;
Frame: Glaphite;
Core: Multieva.

The Bullpadel AXYM Women is an ideal racket for experienced padel players who are looking for power and comfort. The racket head has a hybrid shape. The shape resembles a round shape and a drop shape. This means that the racket offers the control of a round shape and the power of a drop shape. The hybrid shape in combination with the weight (365 - 380 grams) makes this racket very manoeuvrable and ideal for players who want to play with a lot of power.

The Bullpadel AXYM Women is equipped with the following technologies:

Siliflex consists of different silicone particles that are placed in the frame. This gives you more comfort and feeling during the strokes in your game.
Topspin layer: The racket has a rough top layer so that you can give extra spin to the ball.

Carbon tube: The racket has a tube frame that is made of 100% carbon. This ensures that the racket has a perfect combination of power and control.