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Made for: Experienced / advanced padel players;
Blade Shape: Diamond;
Balance: High;
Weight: 365 - 380 grams;
Power 90 / Control 80;
Frame: Glaphite;
Core: Multieva;
Includes protection sticker.

The Bullpadel Ionic Power is an ideal racket for advanced padel players who are looking for power and comfort. The racket head has a diamond shape. This means that the sweet spot is relatively higher on the racket, which makes it easier to hit the ball hard. The diamond shape in combination with the weight (365 - 380 grams) makes this racket very manoeuvrable and ideal for players who want to play with a lot of power.

The Bullpadel Ionic Power is equipped with the following technologies:

Air React channel: It is a hole on the side above the handle. This is where air goes through when you hit. This creates more sturdiness and maneuverability and it is lighter too.
Topspin layer: The racket has a rough top layer so that you can give extra spin to the ball.
Carbon tube: The racket has a tube frame that is made of 100% carbon. This ensures that the racket has a perfect combination of power and control.