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After great demand from users of this Nox padel racket, the manufacturer has listened! Nox has therefore created this 100% attack racket for those who like to play with power and control the stroke. Nox have taken their magical Luxury Genius model and modified this racket with a diamond shaped head. Furthermore, they have given the racket 18K Carbon on the surface, creating the ultimate attack racket. That is why this racket is aimed at the experienced player. With this racket, the aggressiveness of the racket is maximized to stimulate your smashes.

This racket also comes with the new Smartstrap system, which allows you to easily replace your safety belt. At the same time, this system increases both the hygiene and the safety of your racket.

This top model with an exclusive design comes with a lot of cool technology: A full Carbon frame that ensures a longer lifespan of the racket thanks to the strong durability of the material. Dynamic Composite Structure technology is also used in the 4 centimeter thick frame. This technology minimizes the difference in hardness between the frame and the surface of the racket and thus ensures a longer durability of the fibers in the racket. The racket has the Anti Vibration System (AVS) technology that benefits you when you hit the ball externally on the racket. The system reduces the vibrations that can hinder your hand and arm when you play and hit the ball the wrong way.

The core of the Rubber Core racket shortens the time the core needs to recover after a stroke, so that your racket is ready even faster for the next optimal shot. Rough Surface that increases the efficiency of your strokes.

The core: Hard

The shape: Diamond

Weight: 360-375g.

Balance: Even Balance

Frame profile: 38mm.

Frame: Carbon

Level: Athlete/Experienced/Tournament Player

Player type: Power

Surface: 18K Carbon Surface

Texture: Pattern