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The Nox ML10 Limited Edition is an exclusive package for fans of Miguel Lamperti. The racket is packaged in a deluxe package. The package includes 2 Nox wristbands, 2 interchangeable safety lanyards and a replica keychain of the racquet.

The racket has a HR3 core with an 18K carbon racket blade. This material combination provides a comfortable and firm feel with optimal power. The blade has a round shape. This means that the sweet spot is relatively large, so your strokes will hit faster. The round shape in combination with the weight allows you to play with a lot of control.

The racket features the new Spin+ technology. This consists of two types of rough finish on the racket blade, namely a hexagonal 3D finish in the middle of the racket and a sand finish on the rest of the racket. The double rough provides more control and the ability to impart more effect to the ball. The Smartstrap® safety cord system allows you to easily replace the safety cord.