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The SIUX PEGASUS SILVER belongs to the highest quality segment of Siux. This padel racket is made for the versatile player who is looking for a quality racket with an ideal combination between power and control. The racket is made for advanced players who are active in tournaments and competitions.

The Siux Pegasus Silver has the shape of a drop and a medium high balance. This makes it possible to produce powerful strokes and still maintain a lot of control. The core of the padel racket is made of soft Eva rubber in 5 laminates. This provides great rebound, lots of control and extra durability. The frame has a double tube (Bi-Tubilair) in which carbon and Kevlar are processed. Kevlar is currently the strongest material on the market, so this contributes enormously to the durability of the racket. Carbon 21K Titanium Tex Technology is used in the blade, which promotes control as well as power and produces a finely crystallized sound.

Level Professional
Shape Hybrid
Weight 355-375 grams 
Balance High